Kharkivske vishche vocational school of the sphere of services

State Vocational School "Kharkiv Higher Vocational School of Services" is an educational institution that has been training highly qualified workers for more than seven decades by state (regional) order and at the expense of individuals or legal entities on the basis of both full and basic general secondary education for services.


Our professions:

  • Seamstress, tailor, cutter

  • Hairdresser (hairdresser-fashion designer)

  • Make-up artist

  • Manicurist, pedicurist

  •  Jeweler (assembler, fastener)

  •  Shoemaker, shoe upper assembler

  • Cashier (in the bank), postal operator, administrator


Our creative team, led by director Larysa MATVIYCHUK, constantly participates in competitions of professional skills, creative competitions of young fashion designers, youth fashion festivals:

2017 - Natalia Kulinska, a student of the school, represented the Kharkiv region at the All-Ukrainian competition of professional skills in the competence of “Fashion Technology” “WORLDSKILLS UKRAINE;

2018 - victory in the international competition of make-up artists "International Makeup Awards" by masters Natalia Chevalkova and Tatiana ZIONG;

         2019 - the collection of youth clothing "057" took 2nd place in the IV All-Ukrainian competition of professional skills "Breakthrough of light industry of Ukraine 2019" in the nomination "Modern youth collections";

2019 - participation in the KharkivFashion collection "KupaVa";

2020 - master of industrial training Julia Bezdenezhnykh - winner of the online World Championship in hairdressing OMS Hairword 2020;

2020 - gold medal at the Eleventh International Exhibition "Modern Educational Institutions - 2020";

2021 - creation of a collection of youth clothing "HardSkills" to participate in the V All-Ukrainian competition of professional skills "Breakthrough of light industry of Ukraine 2021"


The educational institution is located next to the metro station "Defenders of Ukraine", near a convenient transport interchange. There are two dormitories next to the school building.





Address: st.Tyurinska, 5, Kharkiv, 61001, Ukraine

street Tyurinska, building 5, Kharkiv, 1, Ukraine, 61001

tel .: (057) 732-65-25 Fax 732-65-25

E-mail: pr.vpusfposlug@ptukh.org.ua